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Killing Machine - Hell Bent for Leather Review

Posted : 2 years, 9 months ago on 30 September 2021 01:30 (A review of Hell Bent for Leather)

The fifth sudio album by Priest was released on October 9th 1978 as Killing Machine, one of my fav JP albums, I owned one of the early European version, the German one, years later in London I found an UK version with deep red vinyl, here the tracklist :
Side A
Delivering the Goods
Rock Forever
Evening Star
Hell Bent for Leather
Taken on the World

Side B
Burnin' Up
Killing Machine
Running Wild
Before the Dawn
Evil Fantasies

In March 1979, CBS decided to rename the album as Hell Bent for Leather following the January 29th "Grover Cleveland" Elementary School shooting in San Diego where a teen girl, Brenda Spencer killed 2 men and 8 children. A journalist asked Brenda about the carnage and miss Spencer began the interview with "I don't like Mondays", later the title for Boomtown Rats hit.

Hell Bent for Leather brought also an extra song, well famous Fleetwood Mac cover "The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown)" by guitar genious Peter Green.
Even today the JP live setlist provides Running Wild, HBFL and The Green Manalishi.
About the producer, James Guthrie, a recording engineer who started with Alvin Stardust records and arrived, after Killing machine, at Pink Floyd's court...don't worry...sound wizard Tom Allom is behind the corner.

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What If...? review

Posted : 2 years, 9 months ago on 27 September 2021 11:02 (A review of What If...?)

Ok...isn't bad...is too much Wakandacentered...and dudes...Marvel was built on Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Spidey...not on Dora Milaje...I can understand the shock for the dead of Chadwick Boseman, but dudes was an actor not a saint...I know Black Panther because married Storm of X-Men...his comics are boring like the Shang-Chi or Iron Fist series... gosh I know...the last in line MM is Shang-Chi...roooonffff...roooonffff...

The first episode is unwittingly comical/tragical...if Captain Carter were the First Avenger ? What bra size is Hayley Atwell wearing after the Super Soldier treatment ?
Posterity will judge.

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Foundation review

Posted : 2 years, 9 months ago on 27 September 2021 10:36 (A review of Foundation)

Visually it's stunnig...the plot...is a mess, big mess...as usual leading male characters turning in black (average) female like Gaal Dornick, or Salvor Hardin (why he/she's there...if I can remember Salvor lives 40 years later, and in the second Foundation book). And, that's quite incredible, Eto Demerzel is portrayed by ex Finnish model Laura Birn...ok she's not average, but R. (Eto is just one of the name of the MAIN character of Asimov's Foundation) acted as a male...yes acted...Jared Harris is too Luciferian to be credible as the lead psychohistorian and mathematician, Lee Pace is on the border of a ScyFy villain typecast, but he's good...I like Alfred Enoch as Raych Seldon, but his character is totally different in the book, and I can't find in all cast the name of Linge Chen...one of the main character of Foundation...probably they killed him bacause it's a male character.

Dudes...Foundation it will be an Everest probably for Kubrick, and a travel to the moon for Spielberg...and I can name other 2 directors, but it will be a nightmare for them, Asimov is hard SyFy, no description of fancy starships or space mausoleum or gentle giant...just math, fisics and biology...fascinating but quite boring sometimes... if you're not Kubrick, even not JJ Abrams, why, why a big mess like episode 2 ? Gosh, I've stopped it 4 times because I couldn't follow the logical thread of the plot...maybe I'm stoopid...I'm an old white guy.

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Black Widow review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 7 August 2021 03:30 (A review of Black Widow)

It has a good plot and that saves the movie...but dudes...I hate Rachel Weisz since "Stealing Beauty" and now I have to live through with a short and stacky new Black Widow. To be honest...Florence Pugh's face is enchanting...but when you're 5'3" you really want to play a sexy Red Sparrow ? In comics Yelena Belova is a blue-eyed blonde sex-tiger...taller than Natasha and more sexually active, did you really ask to a sexual meeting with Florence Pugh or you'd buy her a candy bar and a Whopper ? Scarlett was not a volley player for sure...but she had a large bosom and nice legs...and she IS sexy. I really like Pugh's fighting scene and acting...but do you see Florence in a black sheath and 11' heel ? She has wide hips, short legs and small breast...if Marvel wants to kill all sexy fictional character like it did with Sue Storm, Carol Danvers, and now Yelena Belova or paint in black like Neena Thurman and Mary Jane Watson go ahead...no bottom at Disney's worst.

Honorable mention for David Harbour, I liked him in Stranger Things and Hellboy here confirm himself as a very good actor...
And now I'm going to dress in mourning for Natasha's final disappearance.
Ad majora Scarlett !!

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The Suicide Squad (2021) review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 7 August 2021 02:27 (A review of The Suicide Squad (2021))

OK...isn't bad, funny as usual as James Gunn's flick, but I'm here for Aussie Margot not for the rest...and Miss Robbie is too much dressed in this movie, she didn't show an inch of her pale skin in a movie showing male naked butt and also a real dick...Millenials ! I still like Margot's demonic chuckle but I think The Suicide Squad is a step backward for Harley's character, Harley must be the craziest of the crazies...but John Cena appear as the craziest...maybe Gunn's fetish actor Michael Rooker wins the crown, and about fetish-actress there's a cameo of Pom Klemetieff as a dancer in the Gatita Amable scene.
I found Elba's acting too much British as usual and acting of narcoleptic Melchior irritating, but you know, I'm not a Detective Comics fan, maybe you'll found both actors terrific... Viola Davis punch in face and bitchy as the first one, big difference instead in Flag's character...but I found him boring as death. Kinnaman is a hunk, but he's good for Robocop...enouff said.
Gosh...I have to wait another 2 years for the next Guardian of the Galaxt for this one, I don't know if it was worth the wait...and learn Basic Italian... รจ Corto Maltese cazzo...NO Cort Malteez...NO Coto Meltes...

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The Orville review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 30 July 2021 12:25 (A review of The Orville)

When will see The Orville new season ?
Trekker than Trek itself The Orville is nowaday one of my favorite show, and I love the Pria episode more than every ST Discovery episodes...not only for the chemistry between Seth and Charlize (showed in A Million Ways to Die in the West too) but for the solid direction of Jonathan Frakes... Brannon Braga served as Writer and Executive Producer a nod to my ST favorite series, Enterprise. I hope to Rick Berman joined the Orville.

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The Pumaman (1980) review

Posted : 3 years ago on 23 July 2021 07:40 (A review of The Pumaman (1980))

Mamma mia che cagata !
I was 16 in 1980...and it was a cold winter Sunday of February, me and my first real girlfriend were in downtown for a movie, we couldn't decide between Argento's Inferno and Pumaman...a lot of Police everywhere because the Red Brigades had killed the Chief of CSM, more or less the italian Superior Council of Judiciary, just that week, the people was waiting for the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid not a dead Judge.
However The Pumaman had Sydne Rome in the cast...and you know, I love Sydne since I was teen ! OK...we were in front of the cinema when a little boy, maybe 12 or 13, came out and screamed : MAMMA MIA CHE CAGATA DI FILM !!! (oh my gosh...what a s*** movie) My girlfriend looked in my eyes...I looked her beautiful green eyes...speechless...then she said...OK, I know it's scary but let's go to see Inferno !!!

Just a couple of month ago I saw Pumaman...and it was bad bad even tough I'm not 16 anymore.

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The Golden Glove review

Posted : 4 years, 6 months ago on 18 January 2020 05:47 (A review of The Golden Glove)

Hansestadt Hamburg, 1974...
a less than normal dude, Fritz Honka, from a disfunctional family works in one of the many shipyards of the town on Elba, and spend most of his spare time in a bar, Der goldene Handschuh, where curtains are always closed "because people didn't drink with sunlight" and where desperate people found shelter : old prostitutes, old sailors and a ex SS officer, probably a normal private from German Army but the naive people of Golden Glove depict him so. Fritz is a heavy drinker and is a killer, is not able to consume a sexual act so he kills women, a couple of old ex prostitutes that hanging at bar.
He lives in a smelly crawl space, the stink comes from the mutilated bodies, because he is afraid to get rid of them, so when a probable victim, Gerda Voss clean his house without open the recess where hidden victims are buried Fritz invites Gerda to stay.
The odd couple tries to living normal, he received a Sunday visit from his older borther Siggi too, so we know how Fritz childhood was hard, Siggi leaving tells Fritz not to let go Gerda, but Fritz the very next day brings Gerda at Golden Glove, Gerda mets a woman from Salvation Army (I'm not sure she's from the Army or some protestant churchs...) anyway the woman offers Gerda a real shelter, and Gerda is gone.
The life of Fritz gets even worse, a classic VW T2 hits him in front of the catholic church (that seems the only clean place in his block), the T2 fractures Fritz arm and leaves him inconscious, after that Fritz quits drinking and finds another job, night patrolling a building, and he gets a revolver too...
The night shift carries some news, he mets Helga the night cleaner, she's quite manner and beauty-gone woman, Fritz falls for her, but she's married, her hubby is unemployed and spent Helga money in booze, Fritz asks Helga to borrow money but Helga declines.
The hubby visit his wife on nightshift, they heavy drink and dance when Fritz arrives they ask him to stay and drink with them but Fritz declines...just a couple of days later Helga goes to Fritz and tells him how she's unhappy with his hausband, she carries a drink, this time Fritz drinks with Helga, the next dat Fritz buys booze and spent his free time at GG bar again. Night comes down and a drunken Fritz goes to work and try to rape Helga...but her hubby comes, Helga escapes and Fritz is fired.
Fritz is stalking woman at GG again...
This movie is bad, and it's good, is good because is a clear depiction of the powerful HH in the 70's, with Greek immigrants...that cook ram and garlick every day. And is bad because you feel compassion for Fritz, don't forget, he's a drunken serial killer...

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Sistemo l'America e torno review

Posted : 7 years ago on 20 July 2017 04:50 (A review of Sistemo l'America e torno)

Paolo Villaggio is sadly gone last week...you know is my favorite italian actor, along with Ugo Tognazzi, but why Paolo is in this list ? Because in 1974 he and Nanni Loy made this heavy censored movie about a black basketball player, the late model/dancer/actor/singer Sterling St. Jacques.
Bonfiglio (Villaggio) was sent to attend to industrial business in the US by his employer, a wealthy Commendatore Brancia, italian for Commander, from Busto Arsizio, Lombardia. The figure of Commenda Brancia is losely shaped around Giovannino Borghi, Ignis Varese owner, Varese made 10 Euro Championship finals in a row, won 5 European Champions Cup, who was involved in basketball just for local rivalry against Cantรน (2 ECCup) and Milan (3 ECCups, first italian team to won).
Already located there and invited to attend at NY's N.I.T., Bonfiglio is in charge of hiring player from fictional Washington University, Ben Ferguson (St. Jacques) for FRIGOR, another link to Borghi, the Brancia basketball team, which is in need of a typical 70's player, 20 or more points and 20 or more rebounds.
Bonfiglio must deal with italo-american Alex Borghi (Rizzo) Ferguson's agent, despite his hate for this person. Ferguson is available to join Brancia's team, but before leaving for Italy, he forces Bonfiglio to accompany him on a tour across the United States to settle some personal matters. During this journey, John discovers that the N.I.T. best player actually has not only the interest on basketball, but also in art, music, civil rights and politics. Sadly during the last game in Atlanta, home of the Hawks with Washington University versus Virginia Tech Ferguson was kill in a riot, his blood flood in the court.
The movie runs orignally for 112 minutes, but censorship cut short to 85...

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Drive, He Said (1971) review

Posted : 7 years ago on 20 July 2017 04:49 (A review of Drive, He Said (1971))

Praying the God of orangeskinned ball...
A Jack Nicholson movie about love, basketball and Viet-Nam.
I have the movie poster in my room, the real movie title was Yellow 33, refers to a player when a foul is committed, the referee call the color of your shirt and your number.
This is a very in-deep basket mechanisms, technical and I love the live playing scenes, Nicholson loves basketball everybody knows, more than Anjelica Houston at the time.

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