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Stake Land review

Posted : 5 years, 6 months ago on 29 June 2013 05:03 (A review of Stake Land)

I love this movie, plot is talking about a post-apocalyptic America, all over the country spreads the plague of vampirism. Cities are tombs and survivors clump together in rural areas. When his family is killed by a vampire, the young Martin is saved by Mister, a vampire hunter, so the journey begins. Heading North.
They on-the-road living, and fighting, with other deviant humanity, obsessed by Jebedia Loven, a Reverend Jim Jones type, that will lead them to confront hordes of vampires, carrying the new order as Jebedia said. During the journey the odd duo find allies and other small fortresses made by survivors, but Jebedia, now turned on a sentient beast, is on the prowl. After a epic battle with Berserkers, vikings type vampires, stronger and smarter than the common bloodthirsty beasts, the small group of survivors, leaded by Mister, reaches the top of a mountain.
They felt safe, winter is coming, vampires are cold-blooded creatures, weakened by cold. Rage is fueling Jebedia's blood, and this time Martin saves Mister and finally kills the undead angel. The journey is near the end, when Martin and Mister approaching a survived teen girl, with huge crossbow skills. For Mister is time to leave Martin with the girl, to fight vampires again, and this will lead them to New Eden.
Nick Damici is Mister, as his best. Connor Paolo as the shell-shocked Martin does a very good job, veteran Kelly McGillis as Sister gives credibility to this movie.
2 thumbs up.

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Markonee as his best !

Posted : 5 years, 7 months ago on 24 June 2013 01:04 (A review of Club Of Broken Hearts)

The best album of Markonee certaintly. Club Of Broken Hearts marks the meeting point between the american hair metal and european hard rock.
The opening song "Native European" opens the horizon of glory to the "a la bolognese" group, and reminds me Night Ranger on steroids, followed by the all-powerful "I Say No", next stop and pay attention to the 80's title track "Club of Broken Hearts" where you can still hear the Beau Hill partnership with the Italian band.
Suddendly a change of direction with Piper Sniper, which brings us back to the 70's english-atmosphere, intermediate by a brilliant guitar solo that seems played by Warren De Martini. The pop ballad "Never Ever Loved Me" is well-orchestrated with strings and brass, and would definitely liked to the "Manticore", if the English record company was still in the business...
With Snake Charmed and Angel the band press the pedal to the metal.
Big Blue Iceberg wears a catchy riff and a flashy solo. But the following song, Rock City, is the real masterpiece, with an intriguing female voice and an anthemic choir that shakes your heart.
Shaken'n'Stirred takes us to the streets of the blues with a long riding solo then It's 25 Beth, this number can be a smash hit probably.
Towards the end of the record we find another song with a stadium anthem, J.E.S.U.S. maybe not suitable for old ladies in a church but a good song for the christian associations.
A few short sentences can provide the overview of a book's plot.
So, in my modest opinion this record carries a good production, good singer, good guitar players and rhythm section with a bunch of catchty refrains.
If you are looking for brand new 80's stuff Club of Broken Hearts is your number.

Track listing :

Native European
I Say No (To The V Words)
Club of Broken Hearts
Piper Sniper
Never Ever Loved Me
Snake Charmed
Angel, She Kept Me Alive
Big Blue Iceberg
Rock City
Shaken ‘n’ Stirred
It’s 25, Beth!

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UFO (1970-1973) review

Posted : 5 years, 7 months ago on 27 May 2013 10:08 (A review of UFO (1970-1973))

UFO is absolutely my favorite TV show of all time! So my review will NOT be impartial...

UFO is a British TV series about an alien invasion of Earth, in a dystopic year 1980,created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill in 1969, and produced by ITC Entertainment company, aired in 1970.
Earth is attacked by visitors from a far dying planet in the search for humans organs to transplant. SHADO is founded to defend Earth and humanity against the alien menace. Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation is an international secret military agency, located in England beneath Harlington-Straker movie studios, with high technology weapons, a submarine fleet, a base on dark side of the moon. SHADO unleashes his own air force, space crafts and tanks division against the alien rotors to protect human race from becoming spare parts.
An Army of brave men and women, led by ex USAF Colonel Ed Straker, recruited by SHADO as pilots, mariners, astronauts or simply mechanized infantry, struggling every day with the invaders, an old alien race with telepathy and psychic powers.
The main cast of characters are Colonel Paul Foster and Alec Freeman, LTs Gay Ellis, Nina Barry and Joan Harrington from Moon Base, Captain Lou Waterman and Peter Carlin from Skydivers, Virginia Lake, later Colonel, of UTronic Project.
Last but not least Commander Ed Straker, leader of SHADO and General James Henderson chief of Astrophisics Commission, mentor of Ed Straker since the USAF call of duty.
In 26 episodes we have thrilling action, space odissey, left hand drive in England, submarine smashes and busty girls with big blue eyes...do you want more ?

I'm updating the descriptions on gallery pictures. So you will be able to recognize the places, the spaceships, mobile vehicles and personnel of SHADO.

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