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Posted: 2 hours, 40 minutes ago at Jun 22 23:06
Thanks for the Faux L'Eau list vote.
Posted: 5 hours, 57 minutes ago at Jun 22 19:49
Thanx 4 all your votes old friend. :)))))))))
Posted: 21 hours, 42 minutes ago at Jun 22 4:04
Thanks for the list votes :)
Posted: 3 days, 3 hours ago at Jun 19 22:39
Thanks for the latest votes, MP! Have a great week. :)
Posted: 3 days, 13 hours ago at Jun 19 11:49
Thanks for the list vote and comments, Mass. Patriot!
Have a nice week.
Posted: 5 days, 1 hour ago at Jun 18 0:34
Thanx 4 all your votes old buddy. : )))))
Posted: 5 days, 8 hours ago at Jun 17 17:17
Thanks for the Stella Stevens pic vote!
Posted: 5 days, 12 hours ago at Jun 17 13:30
Thanks for the list vote, Mass. Patriot!
Posted: 6 days, 6 hours ago at Jun 16 19:09
Thanks again, MP! Have a wonderful weekend. :)
Posted: 6 days, 21 hours ago at Jun 16 4:19
Thanks for the votes & comments
I agree Halford & Dio best vocalists in metal :)
Posted: 1 week, 1 day ago at Jun 14 18:27
Many thanks for the many votes, you know a lot about Italian singers, I also admire them and they have beautiful songs.
have a beautiful day!!! ;)
Posted: 1 week, 1 day ago at Jun 14 11:30
Thanks for the list vote, Mass. Patriot!
Posted: 1 week, 2 days ago at Jun 13 22:01
Grazie per il vostro bel commento e voto !!! ;)
Posted: 1 week, 6 days ago at Jun 9 8:25
Thanks for the cheese list and comment, MP! Have a fabulous Friday. :)
Posted: 2 weeks, 2 days ago at Jun 7 0:52
Posted: 2 weeks, 3 days ago at Jun 5 17:09
Grazie per i nuovi voti!
Posted: 2 weeks, 5 days ago at Jun 3 9:28
Thank you for your votes :))
Posted: 3 weeks ago at Jun 1 12:41
Thanks again for the votes & comments :)
Posted: 3 weeks ago at Jun 1 4:12
Posted: 3 weeks, 1 day ago at May 31 3:25
Grazie for the Judy Landers and Jane Seymour pic votes!


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Summer is coming...you need a swimsuit, BW edition (25 items)
Person list by Mass. Patriot
Published 3 days, 7 hours ago
32 votes
Stop staring @ me ! In B/W (12 items)
Person list by Mass. Patriot
Published 3 years, 8 months ago 2 comments
9 votes
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Person list by Mass. Patriot
Published 4 weeks ago


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Saturday Night Fever review

Posted : 3 years, 2 months ago on 14 April 2014 02:09 (A review of Saturday Night Fever)

In the 70's New York Tony Manero is a young man of Italian descent who lives in Brooklyn.
Tony is an extrovert but impulsive and shallow, he works in a paint shop and attends a group of compatriots. Manero lives at home with his parents, a 7 months unemployed dad, a very religious mom, granny and a minor sister, his major brother, Frank jr, is a priest in crises for a lack of vocation. The gang together do not lose the opportunity to perform stunts, take advantage of their naive friend Annette and turn fights with rival gang, first of all the Puerto Ricans who beat hard their friend Gus. Tony has a single, great talent: dancing in the disco, where no rivals and earns the respect of his peers and the admiration of women, while not taking advantage of her sexually. In the dance school that he attended, Tony knows Stephanie Mangano, Italian/American like Tony, but also more mature and strongwilled. Stephanie lives in Manhattan and only goes as a journalist. Despite the differences in age and character, the two are approaching and begin a more or less regular attendance to participate in a dance competition disco 2001 Odyssey, in which Tony dancing on Saturday night. After various vicissitudes, the couple performs the memorable scene on the Bee Gees' song "More than a woman", icon of the same movie. Thanks to the sympathies of the audience the two snatch victory in the Puerto Rican, the most deserving couple. Tony, disgusted, refuses the prize dishonest and, realizing that his end is Stephanie, I'll demonstrate in a very brutal, but she more sober and judicious, unable to defend themselves and escape. Tony and friends, now drunk, promote yet another stunt on the Verrazzano Bridge, doing stunts between cables and pylons, but something goes wrong and the expense is the young Bobby, apparently the most balanced but marginalized by his Puerto Rican descent, for its economic well-being and because, in the general indifference, must soon marry his pregnant girlfriend. Tony helplessly the death of the boy, who falls into the river. Tragedy brings the protagonist to revise its superficial attitude towards life and so, having left the gang and after a night on the subway, he reaches Stephanie to her house to apologize, getting to her forgiveness, as long as you nurture a sincere friendship.

John Travolta as Anthony "Tony" Manero
Karen Lynn Gorney as Stephanie Mangano
Barry Miller as Bobby C.
Joseph Cali as Joey
Paul Pape as Double J.
Donna Pescow as Annette
Bruce Ornstein as Gus
Val Bisoglio as Frank Manero, Sr.
Julie Bovasso as Flo Manero
Martin Shakar as Father Frank Manero, Jr.
Nina Hansen as Tony's grandmother
Lisa Peluso as Linda Manero
Sam Coppola as Dan Fusco
Denny Dillon as Doreen
Robert Weil as Becker
Fran Drescher as Connie
Monti Rock III as the deejay
Ann Travolta as pizza girl
Helen Travolta as customer in paint store

Saturday Night Fever is poorly based on a journalistic investigation of the New Yorker magazine about the night life of poor communities subways, as opposed to the social life of the upper classes in Manhattan, the magnificent evenings in the historic temples of disco music as Studio 54.
The plot is, however, subject series, addressing youth problems are still present, such as migration, drug use in clubs, racism, that does not save the Italian/American protagonists, branded with the stereotypes of laziness and sloppiness and gang violence.
They are shipped to the history of cinema sequences of dances, enriched by the success of the 70's disco, among which the original songs by the Bee Gees, who found the film a new season of glory. A certain effect are some scenes filmed at the Verrazano Bridge.
Shooting in disco were carried out in a real club in New York, 2001 Odyssey, between July and August 1977.

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Eyes of Laura Mars review

Posted : 3 years, 8 months ago on 16 October 2013 05:33 (A review of Eyes of Laura Mars)

One of my favorites thriller movies was written by...guess who...John Carpenter ! Directed by Irvin "The Empire Strikes Back" Kershner and shooted in New York during the Fall/Winter of 1977. Barbra Streisand and Discomusic soundtrack, 70's high fashion, and a bunch of sexy top models, do you want more from this US Giallo flick ?
OK...no suspension dots...just for 3 minutes...plot is about :
Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is a well known and sought after fashion photographer who specializes in portraits of models, one of them is the stunnig Darlanne Fluegel, in erotic transparent clothes and makes extensive use of provocative and violent images for its own work. It is controversial because it can represent their models or fictional violence as victims of the same shows. This violence gives her paintings a special charm, but also attracts a serial killer, whose mercy they will. One night, Laura dreams that her agent (René Auberjonois) is murdered. The dream is bloody reality. It happened more murders, where they are the victims of their models or with their friendly people. Laura witnessed the murders with each time being they can see through the eyes of a serial killer as he commits his crimes. She is obviously connected telepathically with the offender, and haunted by visions of the bloody deeds. The photographer turns to the police, but you will not believe it at first given. Detective John Neville (Tommy Lee Jones) is suspicious of her at first, because some images are similar in Laura's photography book "The Eyes of Mars" (photos by Helmut Newton and Rebecca Blair) the police shooting of murders actually happened astounding. But Neville, who makes an emotional connection with the woman, soon realizes that she is not involved in the crime, but they just witnessed. Together they try to identify the murderer, not least because they have the fear that Laura could itself become a victim. Is suspected, among other Laura's ex-husband (Raul Julia), who is back in New York, and the chauffeur and gofer (Brad Dourif), who was once imprisoned. Finally, John Neville makes a shocking discovery that leads to the surprising end of the thriller soon...
3 mins are gone...so...go and watch it !


Faye Dunaway: Laura Mars
René Auberjonois: Donald Phelps
Tommy Lee Jones: John Neville
Raul Julia: Michael Reisler
Brad Dourif: Tommy Ludlow
Frank Adonis: Sal Volpe
Darlanne Fluegel: Lulu
Lisa Taylor: Michele
Rose Gregorio: Elaine Cassel
Steve Marachuk: Robert
Meg Mundy: Doris Spenser
Marilyn Meyers: Sheila Weissman
Gary Bayer: reporter
Mitchell Edmonds: reporter
Paula Laurence: auntie Caroline
Bill Boggs: himself

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Right Between the Eyes review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 12 July 2013 04:05 (A review of Right Between the Eyes)

In 1989, "Right Between The Eyes" was released through Johnny Z MegaForce and Atlantic.ICON third record was produced by Dan Wexler with radio personality Ed Trunk and Dan Zelisko. The music video for the song "Taking My Breath Away" was played on MTV´s Headbangers Ball in Europe and the US. First single had a slow performance, so Atlantic pushed out "Forever Young" as second single... What a pity !
They had stronger tunes as "A Far Cry" and "Double Life", those songs carried the ICON guitar riffs identity. Following the release of "Right Between the Eyes" and the supporting tour with Frehley's Comet, ICON subsequently disbanded.

Track listing :

1)Right Between the Eyes
2)Two for the Road
3)Taking My Breath Away
4)A Far Cry
5)In Your Eyes
6)Holy Man's War
7)Bad Times
8)Double Life
9Forever Young
10)Running Under Fire
11)Peace & Love

Band :

Jerry Harrison – vocals

Dan Wexler – guitars

Drew Bollmann – guitars

Pat Dixon – drums

Tracy Wallach – bass, backing vocals

Guest musicians :

[Link removed - login to see] - vocals on Two For The Road

Kevin Stroller - keyboards

Mark Prentice - Keyboards on Forever Young

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Icon review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 12 July 2013 03:55 (A review of Icon)

In 1984, ICON released their self-titled debut, with the help and production of Mike Varney. It included their biggest metal radio hit song : "On Your Feet", a music video was released to promote this song. Wexler and Aquilino deserved a great guitar working on "Iconoclast", great choruses on "(Rock On) Through the Night", "I'm Alive" and "Rock n' Roll Maniac". They spent the rest of 1984 touring with Heart.
Track listing :

1)"(Rock On) Through the Night" -(Dan Wexler, Stephen Clifford, John Aquilino) - 3:31
2)"Killer Machine" - (Aquilino, Wexler) - 3:31
3)"On Your Feet" - (Aquilino, Clifford) - 3:22
4)"World War" - (Wexler, Tracy Wallach, Clifford) - 4:30
5)"Hot Desert Night" - (Wexler, Clifford) - 3:49
6)"Under My Gun" - (Wexler) - 3:30
7)"Iconoclast" - (Wexler, Aquilino) - 1:26
8)"Rock n' Roll Maniac" - (Wexler, Clifford, Aquilino, Wallach, Pat Dixon) - 3:58
9)"I'm Alive" - (Wexler) - 4:08
10)"It's Up to You" - (Wexler, Clifford, Wallach) - 5:05

Band :

Stephen Clifford – vocals

Dan Wexler – guitars

John Aquilino – guitars

Pat Dixon – drums

Tracy Wallach – bass, backing vocals

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Night of the Crime review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 12 July 2013 03:50 (A review of Night of the Crime)

In 1985, ICON's masterpiece "Night of the Crime" was released, produced by Eddie Kramer and mixed by Ron Nevison. Most of the songs are credited to Bob Halligan Jr., the famous songwriter, who worked for Judas Priest, Kiss, Cher, Helix and B.O.C. among the others. Opening song "Naked Eyes" with Aquilino's guitar sinth riff quickly became an hair metal classic. But, unusually, Capitol wanted "Danger Calling" as first single, leaving anthemic "Rock My Radio", "Raise The Hammer" and my personal favorites "Whites of Their Eyes" and "Naked Eyes" as b sides with lesser airplay.
When the promotional tour of "Night Of The Crime" started, singer Stephen Clifford decided to leave the band for unknow reasons. Capitol contract rescinded in 1986.
2017 EDIT :

"Night of the Crime" was voted 3rd best AOR album of all time by [Link removed - login to see] magazine readers, behind multimillion selling classic albums by Journey and Foreigners.

Track listing :

1)"Naked Eyes" (Bob Halligan, Jr., John Aquilino) - 4:04
2)"Missing" (B. Halligan, Jr.) - 4:30
3)"Danger Calling" (B. Halligan, Jr., Dan Wexler) - 3:39
4)"(Take Another) Shot at My Heart" (D. Wexler, Stephen Clifford) - 3:23
5)"Out for Blood" (D. Wexler, J. Aquilino) - 5:40
6)"Raise the Hammer" (B. Halligan, Jr.) - 3:33
7)"Frozen Tears" (B. Halligan, Jr.) - 4:00
8)"Whites of Their Eyes" (B. Halligan, Jr., D. Wexler) - 3:43
9)"Hungry for Love" (D. Wexler, S. Clifford) - 4:17
10)"Rock My Radio" (D. Wexler, S. Clifford, Mike Varney) - 4:14

Band :

Stephen Clifford – vocals

Dan Wexler – guitars

John Aquilino – guitars, synthesizers

Pat Dixon – drums

Tracy Wallach – bass, backing vocals

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No Blade of Grass review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 6 July 2013 04:38 (A review of No Blade of Grass)

"The death of grass" in US "No blade of grass" is one my favorite novel from the british author Samuel Youd, under the name of John Christopher. Well-know for the "The Tripods" saga, Youd wrote several good novels as "The year of the comet" The world in winter" "The little people".
The 1970's adaptation, directed by magiar native Cornel Wilde (Kornél Lajos Weisz), yes the Academy Award actor, focused on a chinese virus strain has infected rice,wheat and barley crops causing massive famine and leaving world descending into anarchy. In a medieval England, engineer John Cunstance, played by british actor Nigel Davenport (the founding member of the English Stage Company), drove his family and friends in a journey of perils and pains, trying to reach John's brother's potatos farm.

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Shadow King review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 30 June 2013 04:14 (A review of Shadow King)

Shadow King (1991 Atlantic Records)
Foreigner has released three records only in 80's era, is not big problem when you sold 50 million albums in that decade...
So what's the story between mr Grammatico and mr Jones ?
Isn't the devil in mr Jones the problem, he's an elegant and modern producer, even replacing Ted Templeman on "Van Hagar" 5150, almost the perfect merging.
The "black swan attitude" of Lou Gramm is the cause, and "Long Hard Lock" is the effect. So he packed all his Foreigner stuff and created a new band with his studio pals from the same record, Bruce Turgon on bass guitar and Vivian Campbell.
Behind drumkit they placed Kevin Valentine, from The Cruisers, so the band can start working on "Shadow King" album : "What Would it Take" comes first, a dramatic number with a great guitar riff. "Anytime, Anywhere" is a 'in your face' shuffle, with an exploding vocal line, sometimes reminds me Priest's "Another Thing Coming", and probably Campbell played his best guitar solo in this album. At number 3, if you are in a recording band you know what I mean, there's another dramathic and anthemic song, Once Upon a Time, Lou Gramm scratchy voice at the climax, and the band is marching like a steamroller. Don't Even Know I'm Alive is a melancholic love song, with some lyricism from Gramm. " Boy" starts with Campbell tapping on the guitar fretboard producing a tubolar bells sounds alike, that's my favourite song, then playing a minimal rock chords under the vocal line and finally exploding in a power bridge that blows your speakers and pump your blood !!! With a great solo and a fine arpeggios as outro "Boy" is an AOR masterpiece.
So don't esitate, go to your fav record store and buy Shadow King, you'll say : Thanx Max ! Later...

Track listing :
What Would it Take (4:20)
Anytime, Anywhere (4:26)
Once Upon a Time (5:23)
Don't Even Know I'm Alive (5:08)
Boy (4:03)
I Want You (4:29)
This Heart of Stone (4:36)
Danger in the Dance of Love (3:57)
No Man's Land (4:12)
Russia (3:45)

Produced by Keith Olsen

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Stake Land review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 29 June 2013 05:03 (A review of Stake Land)

I love this movie, plot is talking about a post-apocalyptic America, all over the country spreads the plague of vampirism. Cities are tombs and survivors clump together in rural areas. When his family is killed by a vampire, the young Martin is saved by Mister, a vampire hunter, so the journey begins. Heading North.
They on-the-road living, and fighting, with other deviant humanity, obsessed by Jebedia Loven, a Reverend Jim Jones type, that will lead them to confront hordes of vampires, carrying the new order as Jebedia said. During the journey the odd duo find allies and other small fortresses made by survivors, but Jebedia, now turned on a sentient beast, is on the prowl. After a epic battle with Berserkers, vikings type vampires, stronger and smarter than the common bloodthirsty beasts, the small group of survivors, leaded by Mister, reaches the top of a mountain.
They felt safe, winter is coming, vampires are cold-blooded creatures, weakened by cold. Rage is fueling Jebedia's blood, and this time Martin saves Mister and finally kills the undead angel. The journey is near the end, when Martin and Mister approaching a survived teen girl, with huge crossbow skills. For Mister is time to leave Martin with the girl, to fight vampires again, and this will lead them to New Eden.
Nick Damici is Mister, as his best. Connor Paolo as the shell-shocked Martin does a very good job, veteran Kelly McGillis as Sister gives credibility to this movie.
2 thumbs up.

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Markonee as his best !

Posted : 4 years ago on 24 June 2013 01:04 (A review of Club Of Broken Hearts)

The best album of Markonee certaintly. Club Of Broken Hearts marks the meeting point between the american hair metal and european hard rock.
The opening song "Native European" opens the horizon of glory to the "a la bolognese" group, and reminds me Night Ranger on steroids, followed by the all-powerful "I Say No", next stop and pay attention to the 80's title track "Club of Broken Hearts" where you can still hear the Beau Hill partnership with the Italian band.
Suddendly a change of direction with Piper Sniper, which brings us back to the 70's english-atmosphere, intermediate by a brilliant guitar solo that seems played by Warren De Martini. The pop ballad "Never Ever Loved Me" is well-orchestrated with strings and brass, and would definitely liked to the "Manticore", if the English record company was still in the business...
With Snake Charmed and Angel the band press the pedal to the metal.
Big Blue Iceberg wears a catchy riff and a flashy solo. But the following song, Rock City, is the real masterpiece, with an intriguing female voice and an anthemic choir that shakes your heart.
Shaken'n'Stirred takes us to the streets of the blues with a long riding solo then It's 25 Beth, this number can be a smash hit probably.
Towards the end of the record we find another song with a stadium anthem, J.E.S.U.S. maybe not suitable for old ladies in a church but a good song for the christian associations.
A few short sentences can provide the overview of a book's plot.
So, in my modest opinion this record carries a good production, good singer, good guitar players and rhythm section with a bunch of catchty refrains.
If you are looking for brand new 80's stuff Club of Broken Hearts is your number.

Track listing :

Native European
I Say No (To The V Words)
Club of Broken Hearts
Piper Sniper
Never Ever Loved Me
Snake Charmed
Angel, She Kept Me Alive
Big Blue Iceberg
Rock City
Shaken ‘n’ Stirred
It’s 25, Beth!

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UFO review

Posted : 4 years ago on 27 May 2013 10:08 (A review of UFO)

UFO is absolutely my favorite TV show of all time! So my review will NOT be impartial...

UFO is a British TV series about an alien invasion of Earth, in a dystopic year 1980,created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill in 1969, and produced by ITC Entertainment company, aired in 1970.
Earth is attacked by visitors from a far dying planet in the search for humans organs to transplant. SHADO is founded to defend Earth and humanity against the alien menace. Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation is an international secret military agency, located in England beneath Harlington-Straker movie studios, with high technology weapons, a submarine fleet, a base on dark side of the moon. SHADO unleashes his own air force, space crafts and tanks division against the alien rotors to protect human race from becoming spare parts.
An Army of brave men and women, led by ex USAF Colonel Ed Straker, recruited by SHADO as pilots, mariners, astronauts or simply mechanized infantry, struggling every day with the invaders, an old alien race with telepathy and psychic powers.
The main cast of characters are Colonel Paul Foster and Alec Freeman, LTs Gay Ellis, Nina Barry and Joan Harrington from Moon Base, Captain Lou Waterman and Peter Carlin from Skydivers, Virginia Lake, later Colonel, of UTronic Project.
Last but not least Commander Ed Straker, leader of SHADO and General James Henderson chief of Astrophisics Commission, mentor of Ed Straker since the USAF call of duty.
In 26 episodes we have thrilling action, space odissey, left hand drive in England, submarine smashes and busty girls with big blue eyes...do you want more ?

I'm updating the descriptions on gallery pictures. So you will be able to recognize the places, the spaceships, mobile vehicles and personnel of SHADO.

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